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"The Kito Ryu says to 'Rise up and Go Down'. To 'Rise Up' is the style of Yo. To 'Go Down' is the style of Yin. Win with the Yo, and win with the Yin."

In cases of the enemy using 'Yin' (negative or inner energy), they can be won against by the use of the 'Yo' (positive or outward energy). In the opposite way of the enemy using 'Yin', they can be defeated by the use of 'Yo'. Kito Ryu Techniques are almost entirely involved in the use of 'Yin and Yo'. Of course there are other methods of how to gain victory over the enemy, but when in a true fight the situation is very flexiable so it is only decided by 'Yin and Yo'. With this the victory is assured.

"Be in control of the stronger by use of the weak, and control the hard with the soft. Win with the opponent's power by which one throws mind power."

There is one phrase in the Chinese book of Strategy, 'Utsu Ryo Shi', that says how the victorious soldier is like water. This is because the water is very weak and soft, but if there is a strong influence of it towards the shore even a riverside hill can be dcimated. On the surface it appears like the soft can not win against the strong. So why am I saying that with the soft you can control the strong, when usually the weak cannot win against the strong. There is everying in how to tmove wand with that how to use everyting. There is another Chinese book, 'Sanryaku', which says that 'Soft is that which exists to create or set thigns up. The hard is exists for the purpose of how to do and act. The weak exists as the how to use. The strong exists as the plus or the positive. So don't prefer only the strong and hard, and again don't only use the soft and weak.

Important to remember with this are the four ways to win. So these must be set up for a victory. This is my style. The heart is hardness and stength, but the tecniques is softness and weakness. This is 'Jizaitei' (the bottom of freedom). By throwing away my own power and by use of the opponent's power that one can achieve. Thi sis how to keep treatment of your 'Ki'. If you find you are issuing for selfpower stop! Use the opponent's 'Ki' so that they will be over powered by themselves This is the theory of how to win with the opponents power. You must think like this with true training.

(Without these if you do with your own selfpower or issue forth your own power you can never completly win.)

Of course there is the natural power of the body, this is natural. ut if a ture poerson in time of self defence wants to issue forth oeverpower, so this is very dangerous and can't completely win. Think/study deeply upon this by yourselves.