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Kito Ryu Ten No Maki

(Following are some exceprts explaining the main ideas of 'Hontai' (true body).) The 'hontai' means Shinrikyorei (the condition of nothingness). The surface of this is 'Shinkifudo' (or fudoshin =immovable heart). When you meet the enemy and a feeling rises up that this is the enemy, then already the heart is moving. If the heart is already moving this is no good. If you can look at and meet witht he enemy with 'Fudoshin' (immovable heart) and keep completely releaxed then this is already the 'hontai'. We can say that this is the 'fudochi' (wisdom of fudoshin). To get the 'fudoshin' like 'God's Spirit' we must effort in our daily lives. By having this spirit and an enemy stands before you, you can completely consume him. This we may say is the first timing. For example if something is begun by the enemy and I am in the state of 'shinkifudoshin' the enemy will be unable to do anythign soon. "So I can surely promise victory."

Many different Ryus often refer to 'hontai'. The meaning of 'hontai' is well explained in the 'Kito Ryu' scroll. So I will make an explanation. This 'hontai' contains everything about the backbone of taijutsu and the fundamentals of the spiritual part. This 'hontai equals the heart condition. It is like a straight wave up peace that doesn't move up or down. The mind/spirit quality equates to the deepest state of the soul. This spirit is when you can look at anything something can happen, but you are not suprised, never moved. This is the true 'fudoshin'. The atmosphere can't be completely conveyed by words. It can't be understand only by reading. yet if the reader of this has a high grade spirit then upon reading these words can readily and immediately understand. Such a grade of person has the state of a great or grandmaster. And the scroll goes on to say that in meeting the enemy have an immovable heart and stay peaceful as like the enemy and you are one. Having such a kind of heart style is 'fudochi'. If one has alaready such a kind of high grade spirit there naturally comes out a geyser of wisdom. So one could pass easily through any problems or difficulties. So in your usual life train for these things. So you can keep fudoshin with any enemy, and they can't suddenly attack. This is the natural theory of god, and it is the jewel of Ninpo.