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Takamatsu Sensei Martial History

Takamatsu Sensei was given the name of Hisatsugu, but keeping the same Kanji and using a different reading he took the name Toshitsugu when he became an adult. Takamatsu Sensei's first martial arts name 'was 'Kikaku' (demon horn) , later giving this name to his pupil Nobuyoshi Takeuchi. Takamatsu Sensei later took a new name of 'Chosui ' (pure water) , granting it to another student Takashi Ueno, who then became famous as Chosui Ueno. Sato Kinbei Sensei was given Soke (Grandmaster) from but didn't need martial arts name from Takamatsu Sensei because Sato Sensei already had a martial, arts name of Jushinsai '(lilux heart man)'. Sato Hinbei Sensei was senior to Ueno Takashi, and was responsible for introducing him to Takamatsu Sensei . Afterwards Takamatsu Sensei took two other names which he used until his death and never passed on to another. One was 'Yokuoh' (leaping and running in the sky old man), with the other being 'Garakutabujin'(enjoy sketching martial artist).

Takamatsu Sensei was born in Meiji 22 (1889), on March 10th, in the town of Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture. Last year was the 100th anniversary of his birth. It was this year that I received several Soke of Takamatsu Sensei's line from Sato Kinbei Sensei. His parents were Takamatsu Gishin (father) and Takamatsu Fushi (mother). The Takamatsu family originated in Ise at ilatsugashima, where the family were Daimyo of Hosokubi Castle. An important ancestor was Daimyo Takamatsu Masatoshi connected with the famed Atsuta Shrine, where Fujiwara Toshihiro presented him with the Amatsutatara scroll. Takamatsu Sensei's father receiver the degree of Dai-Aiari (Master) from a mountain priest named Kumano Shugendo. His father was also a company president in Akashi -and a special committee member of the prefectural government. With the Amatsutatara scroll. Gishin had very deep connection to the Kuki Family. Takamatsu Sensei helped the Kuki family to update the scroll by newly copying it in beautiful script and providing explanations where needed. At 9, Takamatsu Sensei went to Arate-cho, under guidance of his mother's grandfather, Masamitsu Shiryuken Toda. He was instructed in Shinden Fudo Ryu, Togakure Ryu, and Koto Ryu. At 22, he received the Menkyo Kaiden for these. Toda Sensei died in his 80's in 1912. At 13 years old, Takamatsu Sensei went back to Akashi where under Yoshitaro Mizuta. He studied the Fujita line of Takagi Yoshin Ryu until receiving his Menkyo Kaiden. At 17, under Matsutaro Ishitani he studied Takaki Yoshin Ryu, Gikan Ryu, Kukisjin Ryu, and Shinden Muso Ryu again earning his Menkyo Kaiden. Ishitani Sensei wits related to the Takamatsu line and worked at the family match company. Dying four years later at 64, with his head in Takamatsu Sensei's lap. At 13, Takamatsu Sensei was in a street fight for defense with 60 hoodlums and won. At 16, at a Musashi Ryu Dojo he won a Dojo Challenger Match. At 19 he fought for real. At 21, for ten years he experienced true battle in the war in China, Tensien, Mongolia, and Manchuria. In his diary he said that he had 12 duels to the death, and 7 competition matches. At 25, in China he helped found -a Japanese martial arts Federation and fought matches to decide the, leadership with six practitioners of Kodokan Judo and Kito Ryu Jujutsu. He won and became the director with a following of 3000 students. He mastered 18 forms of Chinese and -Korean Martial Arts too in that time. At 30 years old in Taisho Era 8th, he returned to Japan. He was called the Mongolian Tiger in China, yet in Japan he was called Yamato No Neko (Japanese Spirit Cat). From here he lived quietly and taught others. In 2nd April 1972, a great star rejoined the heavens!


By Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei



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