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Grandmaster Tanemura Shoto
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 (The Heart of Faith)

The Believing Heart doesn't just use the appearance of praying to God or Buddha.  For example, can you call someone a true believer who goes to the temple and instead of putting money into the donation box, takes it out for themselves.  A true Believing Heart is one who trusts their inner vision/soul/self.   That's believing their own conscience.  The meaning of conscience is being unable to lie to oneself, having a balanced soul (not going too left or right), & having a direct contact with God & nature.  A selfish heart always wants to be rich or better than someone.  The unselfish person can have a direct relations with God & has a true sense of God's existence.  This person can be given a life purpose & mission from Heaven.  This person is in harmony  with nature.  This kind of person can believe deeply in themselves.  Anyhow you must mature into a human who believes in themselves.  Otherwise you can not believe in anything else.  This is the first step.  You must make effort that you can believe tour own heart, soul & spirit.  And also to have belief and trust in others, and to be able to forgive too.  This is true mercy & love.  As a result of "Shingen", I can believe in myself and in another person, and have belief in God too; so even though the Believing Heart is most traditional it is also the most modern & livable.  So people having this live in a state of great happiness. 

The person having a Believing Heart has pride & a life worth living.  Having self-consciousness plus taking  responsibility, from this is born a warm heart that embraces generosity.  Sometimes a doubting person goes down a wrong road, but they soon recover & follow the correct way.  Once upon a time a great Martial Artist said, "I never ask God to help or give me anything.  Only I respect God.  A martial artist never asks God for anything".  The true believing heart is self power, by that I mean not depending on any forces outside the self.  If you ask God for everything this power will never come to one.

Heaven replies to those who make effort by self-power and a believing heart.  To start you must make effort.  Heaven does not like a lazy man.  From this action many blessings & miracles come from heaven.  Because  this happens, one's convictions about the power of heaven becomes stronger & more solid.  So it becomes that these  miracles become more common-place in such a person's life.

"Belief  will connect with the Mind, and arrive at God".

So the power of miracles is the power of the believing heart.  You must make effort to try & taste the reality of this.

Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei