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Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo 

Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation

The Genbukan Ninpo organization was created in November of 1984. The Genbukan is a traditional bugei ryu-ha made up of many traditons such as Gyokko ryu kosshijutsu, Koto ryu koppojutsu, Togakure ryu Ninpo, Kukishin ryu, etc. The kancho (president) of the organization is Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura who holds the position of Soke(Grandmaster). The Genbukan is a very formal and structured ryu containing 20 levels of rank with specific material taken from the kobudo ryus corresponding to the said level. The testing system in Genbukan is quite extensive and public. Tanemura sensei and all Dojo-Cho(instructors) are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of the old masters by nurturing this martial art and further developing it. The most important thing is not the number of techniques (however there are many) but it is the method of practice and the hard training that is important as well as developing a strong spirit and correct etiquette and manners. The main parts of Ninpo are taijutsu(unarmed combat), bojutsu(staff arts), and Bikenjutsu(secret sword methods)Ninpo is a beautiful art that can change a persons life and is a true living treasure of Japanese martial arts and culture. 

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