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Fudoshin Genbukan

Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo

Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation

The Genbukan Ninpo organization was created in November 28th 1984. The Genbukan is a traditonal Kobudo (old martial ways) made up of many martial art systems such as Gyokko ryu kosshijutsu, Koto ryu koppojutsu, Togakure ryu Ninpo, Kukishin ryu, etc. The kancho(president) of the organization is Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura who is a Soke of many classical schools of Ninpo and Jujutsu. Tanemura sensei is the living embodiment of the word Soke and has trained many years in martial arts starting with his father in jukenjutsu(bayonet fighting) and Ono Ha Itto ryu swordsmanship. Later he studied many bugei ryu-ha and at the mere age of 20 yrs old received the menkyo kaiden of Shinden Fudo ryu. He was awarded Sokeship of Hontai Yoshin Takagi ryu jujutsu, Kukishin ryu bojutsu, and Gikan ryu Koppojutsu from Sato Kinbei Soke in winter of 1989. Since that time he has also went on to receive various grandmasterships from Masaji Kimura sensei.Sato sensei and Kimura sensei both were senior students of Toshitsugu Takamatsu Sensei. The Genbukan is a very formal and structured system containing 20 levels of rank with specific material taken from the ancient ryus corresponding to the said level. The testing system in Genbukan is quite extensive and public. Tanemura sensei and all Dojo-Cho(instructors) are dedicated to maintaining the traditon of the old masters by nurturing this martial art and further developing it. The most important thing is not the number of techniques(however there are many) but it is the method of practice and the hard training that is important as well as developing a strong spirit and correct etiquette and manners. The main parts of Ninpo are taijutsu(unarmed combat), bojutsu(staff arts), and Bikenjutsu(secret sword methods).

Kokusai Jujutsu Renmeri

The Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei was created in 1991 by Tanemura sensei to promote authentic Koryu Jujutsu. The Kokusai system teaches the old style traditonal samurai ryu-ha of many differnet ryu such as Takagi Yoshin ryu, Yagyu Shingan ryu, Tenshin ryu kenpo, etc. The Kokusai system has many waza(techniques) including grappling, striking and secret weapons. After one reaches a level of 3rd or 4th dan upon Tanemura senseiís approval can start studying individual ryu-ha and be ranked in old scroll system of shoden, chuden, okuden, menkyo, and menkyo kaiden. This art is very different from modern sport jiu jitsu.
Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo

The Fudoshin Dojo was created in 1993 as a branch Dojo in the Genbukan to dissemenate the teachings of Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura in a true way and to continue to uphold the integrity of the Genbukan Ninpo organization. Classes are held every Monday night from 7-9pm at Cosmos Fitness Center, 1641 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL, 35816. Fudoshin Dojo-Cho Brian Hodges has been training in martial arts for the last 28 years, 21 of those in the Ninpo martial art. He currently holds the rank of yondan in Genbukan Ninpo and the title of Dojo-Cho of Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo. For more information contact Genbukan Fudoshin Dojo-cho:

Brian Hodges 820 Seina Vista Drive

Madison, Alabama 35758 USA